Common Rigging Problems and Their Solutions

Rigging Supplies

It’s essential to do what you can to avoid rigging issues for the safety of workers. Some ways to avoid problems is to inspect and properly maintain equipment and all rigging supplies. However, even with the best maintenance, issues are bound to occur. Let’s go over the most common rigging problems and their solutions.

  • Unclear Weight Loads – Inaccurate weight loads are dangerous and can lead to many problems. The correct weight load for your equipment can be found in several places  - on the device, catalogs, design plans, and shipping paperwork.
  • Crushing, Pinching, and Crashing – While this issue is incredibly serious, there are ways to avoid it from happening. You can avoid crushing, pinching, and crashing by:
    • Keeping taglines free of knots and tangling
    • Making sure rigging is seated properly
    • Using taglines
    • Adjusting loads by hand when they are set down
    • Not making contact with a load above waistline
  • Improperly Managing Structural Stability – Several factors determine structural stability, such as the weight of the load and weather conditions. Using taglines and being cautious of heavy winds can help to manage structural stability properly.
  • Ineffective Inspections – For inspections to be effective, the inspector must care about their work. They should be experienced and not rushed to get the job done. You can ensure adequate inspections by following these guidelines:
    • Ensure all riggers are trained at industry standards
    • Provide visual references, such as posters, signs, and flyers
    • Training should be performed regularly
    • Perform wellness checks with inspectors

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