How to Handle Veropes

Veropes are highly specialized wire ropes that offer a user many benefits not found when using standard wire ropes. These ropes are considered stranded ropes that are used for general lifting applications.  There are many different sizes and termination end options, so no two Veropes should be used interchangeably. Theses high performance wire ropes are intended for use in conjunction with all types of cranes. When using Veropes for other applications, you put your employees, company, and property at risk. Proper use is achieved when wire ropes are used in compliance with all relevant specifications and standards (confirm with crane manufacturers).

When handling these specialized ropes, you also need to consider reels that contain the rope. How you handle wire rope reels requires care and caution. Loading and unloading Verope wire ropes from a reel should be done with care and you should follow the handling instructions sent with your Verope wire rope.  

Wire rope reels need to be properly stored so that you do not inadvertently damage them. Once the rope is unloaded, the reel needs to be placed on pallets and must also remain in an area that does not suffer from moisture. It would help if you used covered areas to protect ropes and reels from the weather. Excessive direct sunlight or rain causes damage that is often irreversible. Even if you are only temporarily storing ropes and reels, you should take all precautions. 

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