We carry a wide variety of galvanized chains, alloy and heat-treated chains and their accessories to meet any of your unique demands. Grade 30 Proof Coil is a low carbon galvanized chain, which is light to medium duty and leveraged in the marine market and for security barriers. Grade 43 High Test chain has a greater tensile strength than Proof Coil and is used in similar applications. Ideal for a greater work load limit, Grade 70 Transport chain is a high quality, high strength, heat-treated chain that is the standard for load security, while Grade 100 alloy chain is made from alloy steel and heat treated; this chain is designed for over head lifting. We also carry Machine chain, Tenso chain, Jack chain, Sash chain and other specialty commercial/industrial chains, in addition to a variety of chain products, from galvanized nuts and bolts to chain bridles.

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