Wire Rope, Rigging Supplies, Nylon Slings

If you are looking for wire rope, rigging supplies, crane wire rope, python wire rope, chafe gear, fall protection body harness & grade 100 alloy chain, we are your number 1 choice.


At the Bilco Group, we’ve been supplying the eastern United States with quality products at competitive prices for over 35 years. We’re regarded as the best, not just for our products but also our esteemed customer service and devotion to our clients!


We offer a variety of products including wire and synthetic rope, slings of various types, cable, chain, rigging hardware and marine equipment, to name a few. Our products are known for their durability and reliability.


We don’t stop with our products. We also uniquely offer training, proof testing and inspection and repair, from the best in the industry.

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Wire Rope, Rigging Supplies, Crane Wire Rope
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