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Chafe Gear

Project Ropes used in:

Chafe Gear used in Mooring


WEB-TEC chafe gear used in pushing


chafe gear used in towing/shipwork



What is WEB-TEC Chafe Gear?

WEB-TEC chafe gear is an extremely abrasion resistant ballistic chafe sleeve that can be easily adjusted and/or moved on synthetic ropes, used by hundreds of marine towing companies around the world. WEB-TEC can also be found on our own Navy’s “T-AKE” Vessels and Heavy Lift Ships. Our chafe gear is extremely light weight, buoyant, and comes in two grades: WT-grade or EX-grade.

WEB-TEC offers many advantages over standard chafe gear. Its inherent “memory” combats sleeve binding and its urethane coated inside and industrial grade exterior nylon cover greatly reduce friction and wear. With numerous advantages over the average line protection system, it’s hard to go wrong with WEB-TEC chafe gear.

WT Grade:

Offers a durable ballistic material design with ease of removal. All WT chafe sleeves float!


(Extreme) Features a “double locking” hook and loop closure system that more than triples the shear strength of the sleeve. The cover is made of a high grade woven fabric that offers superior abrasion resistance.


  • Push Cable Protection
  • Mooring Lines
  • Tow Lines
  • Dock Lines
  • Emergency Towlines
  • Synthetic Lifting Slings
  • Ship Lines

How to Order

  1. Length of sleeve needed
  2. Diameter of rope
  3. WT or EX-grade
  4. Sliding or fixed design
  5. Options (see to the right)


WEB-TEC chafe gear used as handles for pulling/securing

Handles for pulling or securing

WEB-TEC chafe guard tapered over splice

Tapered over splice

WEB-TEC chafe guard with reflective tape for mooring buoy

Reflective tape for mooring buoy

WEB-TEC chafe guard - IS-Grade sliding

IS-Grade Sliding

WEB-TEC chafe guard - ISF-Grade fixed

ISF-Grade Fixed

WEB-TEC chafe guard - IS-Grade sliding

IS-Grade Sliding

WEB-TEC chafe guard - EX-Grade sliding

EX-Grade Sliding

WEB-TEC chafe guard - EXF-Grade fixed

EXF-Grade Fixed

WEB-TEC chafe guard - IS-Grade sliding

IS-Grade Sliding


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    Chafe gear is vital for the protection of synthetic ropes when using them for mooring, pushing, or ship towing. At Bilco, we provide WEB-TEC chafe gear that is easily applied and adjusted on synthetic ropes.
  • Cable Grips
    Chafe gear helps to prevent substantial wear and tear on synthetic rope, which increases the longevity of the strands.
  • Considerations for Purchasing Chafe Gear
    Before buying, you should always ensure that the chafe gear will fit with your ropes. If the protection does not fit through the chocks of the boat, then they will not work.
  • Protecting your Synthetic Ropes from Internal and External Abrasions
    Preventing abrasion is not difficult when using the right chafe gear. If you need more information about protecting your cables, your business, and your staff, give us a call today.
  • Tips for Caring for Wire Rope
    Make sure that ropes are adequately lubricated. With use and time, the lubrication that came preinstalled in the rope begins to evaporate and dry out. As this begins to happen, ropes become easily breakable. Chafe gear and rigging gear become damaged when working with ropes that do not have adequate lubrication.
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