Dynagard Blue is an extreme pressure unleaded environmental wire rope lubricant blended for excellent resistance to softening under severe working conditions, water resistance, and it's compatibility with all Kirkpatrick Wire Rope Lubrication Systems in addition to manual hand applications. It's slickness and viscosity allow it to stay alive with the wire rope as the strands move during load bearing operations. This attribute also allows it to continuously redistribute itself to cover any internal strand areas that may have been missed during the initial lubrication process. An unleaded extreme pressure additive provides exceptional protection against wear and shock loads, while additional addititves enhance resistance to water wash-off, protection against fling off at high wire rope travel speeds, and long service in high temperature environments. Dynagard Blue has outstanding structural and chemical stability. It won't corrode steel and copper bearing alloys and is compatible with conventional seal materials. Aquatic toxicity tests on sensitive marine organisms performed by independent test laboratories have shown it to have over 25,000 PPM making it possibly the best LC-50 value of any wire rope lubricant marketed in the world. Copy of the test data is available upon request.

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