Rigging Hardware: Forged or Cast?

The metal components of typical rigging hardware are either made through the process of forging or casting. When researching about rigging hardware, you will come across these two words, and it is important to know the difference between the two. This will allow for companies to acquire the proper rigging hardware and rigging supplies. Below are the main difference between forging and casting for rigging hardware.

Casting is a method that shapes molten metal by pouring the liquefied metal into a mold. The mold creates a desired shape and is comparable to pouring water into an ice try and letting it freeze to form a frozen square.

Forging also uses heated metal, but keeps the metal in a solid, yet malleable state. Forging dates back to the times of blacksmithing and is considered to be one of the oldest methods of metalworking.

Rigging SuppliesWhen selecting your rigging hardware, ask your supplier if you are purchasing a Cast piece of  rigging hardware or a Forged piece of  rigging hardware.

Casting is best for pieces that are intricate, or have a design that requires cavities and can be used with a wide spectrum of alloy choices.  Forging is best for operations that require exceptional strength and uniform design. This type of  rigging hardware is excellent at handling impacts.

Rigging Supplies

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