Protecting Wire Rope

If you want your wire rope to work efficiently and last long, you will need to keep up with maintenance and ensure proper installation. From the moment you purchase the wire rope, make sure that you are following the guidelines determined by the manufacturer.wire rope

The first step you will be taking is installation. If the wires are not installed correctly from the beginning, then it will not matter how much maintenance you show them. When installing, you must ensure that you will not create any twists in the rope system. Handling the cable from the reel or coil will avoid this issue. Additionally, spool the wire with wraps tight and close together.

Once the rope has been correctly installed, it needs to be broken in. The best way to break in a new rope is to run it a few times with no load. When you start adding loads, they should be controlled loads and speeds. The controlled loads will allow the strands and wires to adjust to themselves.

After correctly installing and breaking in your wire rope, you will want to follow proper maintenance. Maintaining your rope is the best way to protect it. Lubrication is essential for any and all wire ropes. There are three different types of lubricants you can choose from: penetrating lubricants, coating lubricants, and environmentally friendly lubricants. The lubricant you choose will depend on your needs.

Wire Rope

Protection of your wire rope and  rigging supplies is incredibly important. The best way to protect any of your supplies is with proper maintenance and installation.