What Are Plastic Wire Ropes (Coated & Impregnated)?

Wire ropes come in many different construction types that allow them to be utilized in various applications and environments. Knowing the type of rope that you need dramatically increases performance and safety. On the other hand, when improper wire ropes and synthetic slings are used, it can lead to significant problems. Issues often result in damage to property and harm to individuals.Wire Rope

For this article, we will focus our attention on understanding why and when plastic is used to improve and enhance the characteristics of wire rope. Plastic is used in several different ways, which we will go over below.

When plastic is used to fill wire ropes, it is considered plastic impregnation or a plastic impregnated wire rope. Plastic is pushed into the internal spaces and between strands. Filling wire rope with plastic significantly increases bending fatigue by reducing internal and external wear. Plastic impregnated wire ropes are mostly used for demanding lifting applications.

Plastic coated wire ropes have plastic only applied to exterior surfaces of wires. This increases overall protection against wear, abrasion, and other common environmental factors known to cause corrosion. It is essential to recognize that plastic-coated wires are more difficult to inspect because it is impossible to see underneath plastic coatings.

Utilizing the proper wire ropes and synthetics slings for a job is one of the most important things to increase safety. For more information on different wire rope types, constructions, and materials, it would help if you did not hesitate to give our talented team a call.

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