Avoid Rigging Supply Failure

We all like to think that nothing bad will happen to us while at work. Most employees put stock in their bosses and managers to create safe working conditions. This is especially the case when working with material handling and lifting. There are so many factors at play, and when something goes wrong, it could really hurt someone (even kill them). Use your wire rope slings correctly!Wire Rope

Those that work with rigging supplies need to value safety above all else. Keeping safety in mind is the best way to ensure the business remains in operation.

What are some common reasons that wire ropes and rigging supplies fail?

First, before getting into why they fail, it's essential to understand that systems most commonly fail as a result of human error. Be smart with how you use your gear.

Of all the causes for failure, the most common one is lifting improper weight loads. Wire ropes and systems are rated to carry a certain weight. Once users lift weights beyond the maximum weight, it is common for systems to break. You must know your system’s lifting limits, and you must strictly adhere to them. Lifting heavy items might seem like a time-saver, but when systems break it will take even more time.

Users must use proper torquing. Clips are essential for lifting straight and adequately. Torque needs to be right for tightening clips. At times they might need to be retorqued.

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