Chain Sling or Synthetic Sling?

nylon slings

Overhead lifting slings are typically used in operations that utilize cranes, crane wire ropes, rigging supplies, and hoists. There is a wide range of different materials that are used to manufacture overhead lifting slings and each variation has particular advantages and disadvantages. Two of the materials are:  Alloy chains and synthetics. Both types are excellent for certain overhead lifting applications. The factors surrounding the lift will determine which type is best for that particular lift.

Before you choose a sling material, it is crucial to understand the nature of your specific application. When you select a sling, you must know the exact weight, center of gravity and number of attachments points in order to have a balanced lift. Conduct a significant amount of research prior to selecting a sling in order to determine which material is the most appropriate.

Alloy steel chain slings are extremely durable because they resist impacts, abrasions, UV radiation, and chemicals. They can be utilized in aggressive or dirty environments.

Synthetic slings are easier to use as they are lighter and easy to rig.  Synthetic slings are more versatile when choosing what type of hitch is needed and will not scratch a load that needs to be protected from damage.

Nylon Slings

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