Common Chain Hoist Problems

Using a chain hoist helps to lift and transport heavy items, but unfortunately they have not been designed to last forever. These machines are subject to wear and tear, and after extended use they will break down. It is important to notice early warning signs of problems, rather than waiting for a catastrophe. Repairing a chain hoist is the best and least expensive way to keep your business operational. Common breakdowns include:Wire Rope

Load drift is a result of a failing brake line. This will cause a load to drift for or more inches, which can severely alter production. This could potentially be an easy fix (adjusting the air gap setting), or it can be more serious (brake line replacement).

Machines that are breaking or broken usually make weird or abnormal noises. Of course, all machines make noise, and so this is why it’s important to pay attention to slight changes in the sounds. The new noises could mean that the chain is dirty, that it needs lubrication, or that the idler sprocket is worn out.

Motors that are maintaining inadequate performance are usually suffering from a lack of proper voltage or are on a low setting with minimum speed parameters. A poorly performing motor lifts slowly, while also lifting less heavy loads.

Taking care of your machines will keep them working smoothly.

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