Considerations for Purchasing Chafe Gear

Without a doubt, chafe gear is a crucial part of keeping your mooring lines from being damaged and keeping your boats safe. Unfortunately, they do not receive the attention that they deserve. Chafe gear and ground tackles are the best tools to buy for protecting your investment. If you want to keep your boat safe, you must ensure that you purchase gear that is right for your mooring lines in any port.    

Chafe gear should be used in any spots where the line could rub. Rubbing occurs under different circumstances:

  1. Docked
  2. Anchored
  3. Mooring Ball

 Standard rubbing spots include:

  1. Boat chokes
  2. Dock posts
  3. Edge of dock

Utilizing different types of chafe gear throughout the boat can help keep the vessel safe while reducing purchasing cost of your mooring lines or protective gear. Take time to consider the various types of equipment that you will need before purchasing.

You only need sturdy chafe gear for areas that encounter frequent rubbing. Consider how the boat would respond during a storm, and then identify the worst chafing areas. Heavy and sturdy equipment is necessary for these troublesome regions. Make sure you purchase the correct size Chafe Gear. It is possible to safely use smaller chafe gear in areas that are less affected by rubbing.

Before buying, you should always ensure that the chafe gear will fit with your ropes. If the protection does not fit through the chocks of the boat, then they will not work.

For more questions about picking the right protective gear for you and your boat, please give us a call today.

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