How to Properly use Wire Rope Clips

Rigging supplies exist to make lifting easier and safer, but this cannot be the case if supplies are used improperly. Mishandling Rigging supplies could, in certain cases, mean the difference between life and death. If used correctly, it can also save a substantial amount of time and money. Make sure to read all information and literature that is provided with the supplies you buy.

All products come with instructions about unpacking, installation, and use. Reading and being familiar with the language in these books is vital. Slight mistakes in installation can have substantial ramifications.

For instance, Wire Rope Clips (U-bolt clamps) are used to clamp the end of a piece of wire rope after being looped back to create an eye. Proper attachment requires knowledge of how many Wire Rope Clips are needed per size of Wire Rope. Please see for this information.

It is important to use the saddle of the clip on the live end of the eye. The U-bolt should always go around the dead end part of the eye. The saddle will always remain on the live end. Do not reverse every other clamp. This is a misconception. It is incorrect to put the U-bolt of any Wire Rope Clip onto the live end of a rope. For further instructions for setting up wire rope clips, please contact the selling company or refer to the instruction booklet.

Again, it is important to use rigging supplies properly. Using crane wire rope and /or wire rope clips incorrectly could have catastrophic results.

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