How to Select a Sling Based on Load Type

It is vital to know the rigging equipment's rated capacity and the weight of the load being lifted. There are certain instances where it is evident that a load is too light to exceed lifting capacity. When there is even a little doubt, people using the system need to establish the weight of the load and directly compare that to the capacities of the sling and other lifting equipment.

One of the most important things for safe lifting is selecting and using the right equipment for specific jobs. How do you select the suitable sling based on load type? There are many different slings to choose from, but synthetic web slings (nylon slings) are most frequently used in the mechanical industry. The most critical consideration for sling selection is the relationship between the hitch type and the sling's rated capacity. For instance, the rated capacity of a sling changes when using a vertical hitch instead of using a basket or choker hitch.

Web slings

To help select a suitable sling for a specific load type, you should ask and answer the below questions:

  1. Is the nylon sling being used compatible with the hitch?
  2. What is the condition of the sling?
  3. Will the sling integrate with rigging hardware?
  4. Can sling material damage equipment being lifted?
  5. Can lifting applications damage or break slings during lifting?

Knowing the answers to these questions and choosing the suitable sling for lifting directly increases safety. You should call us today for more information on which sling is best for your specific load type.

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