Making Safety Your First Priority

Safety must be the most crucial aspect of using any type of wire rope as well as stainless steel wire rope. Accidents and injury can occur if cables are misused. To avoid any potential catastrophe, it is essential to accurately train employees, to make clear markings, and to maintain all systems and materials properly. For instance, if using the ropes for rigging, all persons should be trained and fully qualified.

Besides ensuring that only well-trained individuals use cables and rigging systems, you must make sure that employees and trained professionals properly maintain and inspect operations. An employee must check machines and ropes prior to using them each day. Slings and chafe gear can be visually inspected. During the inspection, one should look for any issues that would cause immediate dangerous conditions. All stainless-steel wire ropes should be examined as well. Searching for any damage, especially kinks, will help ensure your system runs correctly.

Also look for:

  1. Broken wires
  2. Abrasions or scrapings
  3. Distortions (crushing or birdcaging)
  4. Visual evidence of heat damage
  5. Broken attachments (cracked, deformed, worn)
  6. Minor to major corrosion

For more information on using, maintaining, repairing, or replacing wire ropes, let us be your first call. Keeping safety as your most important goal will help ensure that your employees remain injury free.

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