Application of Aircraft Cables

Aircraft CablesThere are many applications for wire rope. Countless industries use wire rope due to its strength and durability. One popular use for wire rope is aircraft cables. If you’re in the market for rope for any application, call us for all your wire rope NY needs.

Aircraft cable applications are more than just airplanes. There are many uses for aircraft cables. While many larger planes will use electronic controls, smaller aircrafts rely on strong wire ropes. You can see the use of aircraft cables in recreational zip lines and live theaters that feature a movable backdrops. They can also be found in rig weight machines in gyms.

There are a few materials to consider if you’re looking for aircraft cables. The material you choose will depend on use and environmental conditions.

  • Stainless Steel – Wire rope made from stainless steel costs more than other types but is the top choice if your rope is subjected to water. Since they are made of genuine steel, they can withstand salt water and other forms of moisture without corroding.
  • Galvanized – Galvanized steel wire ropes are durable due to their layer of compressed zinc but are not recommended for marine use.
  • Vinyl – Vinyl coatings on wire ropes are typically applied with a PVC sheath making them more resilient to sun and water damage.
  • Nylon – if your rope will be used in high-friction applications, consider nylon coated wire rope. Nylon wire ropes are used in many applications, including exercise machines and conveyor belts.

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