Basic Properties of Wire Rope

Wire ropes come in different styles and materials to allow them to operate in various applications. Regardless of the characteristics desired for specific wire ropes, all types have the same fundamental properties. The basics of wire rope make them highly desirable in a wide range of industries.wire rope

Wire rope is strong. Generally speaking, wire rope strength is measured in tons of 2,000 pounds. In many cases, wire rope can lift at least twice as much as chain hoists.

Wire rope naturally has fatigue resistance. Wire ropes can repeatedly bend under stress without suffering from fatigue. Ropes can pass over sheaves without damage. Although this resistance is natural in wire ropes, the characteristic can be heightened through different construction methods.

Wire ropes have high crush resistance. Crushing is the outcome of external pressure on cables. This pressure will distort cross-section shapes in the line, the core, and individual strands.


Wire rope,verope will rotate. When a load is lifted, the line will have load-induced torque causing it to spin. This spin/rotation is lessened with rotation resistant ropes.


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