Essential Considerations for Determining Wire Rope Needs

When it comes to understanding the nuances between different types of wire rope, it can mean the difference between buying and using appropriate ropes and using ropes that will break. Misuse of wire ropes, as well as improper ropes for a specific job, will most likely lead to breaking and malfunctioning ropes. Do not risk the health of your employees or the reputation of your business. Make sure you buy the right gear and that you use it following the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Stainless Steel Wire Rope

Are galvanized products corrosion resistant? Knowing the answer to this central question can mean the difference between successful lifting and failed lifting. The simple answer to this question is no. Galvanized cables are created from zinc-coated wires. Zinc is used as a means of slowing the corrosion process. After some time, the wire will lose its coating and become susceptible to corrosion. It is common to find this happening to automotive parts and components.

What does MIL-Spec mean? If you are looking for cables that meet the strict standard set by the US military, you should look for MIL-Spec cables. One of the most common variants of this wire cable is MIL-DTL-83420. This specification is also known as aircraft cables (7 x 19 & 7 x 7).

What does RR-W-410 stand for? These letters and numbers are a standard from the US government that dictates specification for stainless steel wire rope, cables, and nylon slings. Ropes that meet this specification are built strong and are designed to last.

Wire Rope