How to Handle Veropes

Veropes are specialized wire ropes that are safe to use in a variety of lifting applications. To meet the vast demands of different applications, shoppers have a huge variety of diameters, constructions and end termination systems to choose from. Regardless of the type of Verope and why you are using it, you must always keep safety in mind. Each rope has intended uses, and as such, they should only be used for designated applications. Any usage beyond predetermined purposes is considered incorrect and unsafe.Wire Rope

To ensure safe usage, it is important to hand the rope properly during winding and unwinding operations. First, you need suitable devices necessary to spool ropes onto drums or bring them to reeving systems. When winding ropes onto drums, it is vital to wind in the right direction and that the rope is installed with a pretension. When the wire rope leaves the reel from the top, you must always wind onto the drum from the top. Reeling from top to bottom prevents a pretension equivalent to roughly 5% of the minimum breaking load.

Wire Rope

Turntable and reel stands are used because they provide optimal conditions for handling and installing Veropes. These systems help ensure ropes are not damaged because a damaged rope is considered unusable. Pretensioning ropes before installation keep ropes safe and in ideal spooling patterns when wrapped on the drum. This process is considered obligatory because ropes can be destroyed even with only one hoist operation (if the load is spooled loosely onto the drum).

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