Do I Need Specialized Verope Wire Ropes

No two wire ropes are the same, from different materials to varying wire lays. Differences between ropes ensure that specific lifting and handling needs are met safely and efficiently.  Standard wire ropes do not meet the user's needs in certain special cases. When you need rotational stability, breaking strength, and an extended lifetime, you need to consider special wire ropes. In a situation where spooling behavior and structural stability are high, engineers often turn to verope wire ropes.

Wire Ropes

Wire Rope

Verope wire ropes are often constructed with a plastic layer between the core and outer strands. The intermediate layer of plastic improves stability and increases the ropes' lifespan under stressful working conditions. Plastic prevents dirt, dust, and moisture from penetrating the rope's core. Preventing corrosion of a stainless-steel wire rope core is the best way to preserve high functionality over long periods.

The plastic layer found in verope wire ropes also acts as a cushion that prevents friction from internal steel-on-steel rubbing.  Veropes offer many benefits to users besides the two above. You should use these ropes if:

  • You need to prevent the internal breaking of lay wires
  • You have experienced issues with preserving lubrication in the core of the rope
  • You are predominantly working in moist and dirty areas where water and dust damage are serious concerns
  • You need a rope that does not suffer from internal stresses
  • You need to reduce the level of noise during operations

Wire Rope

Regardless of your application or lifting demands, make sure to take the time to research and purchase the right ropes for the job. Doing that is a vital part of staying safe and productive.

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