Why You Should Use Veropes

Veropes are typically constructed with a plastic layer between the outer strand and the steel core. Adding plastic as an intermediate layer stabilizes the form of wire ropes while also increasing the ropes’ lifespan under harsh working conditions. Plastic creates a seal that prevents dirt and water from penetrating the core of the rope. As a result, the likelihood of corrosion in the steel core is substantially reduced. The cushion of plastic between layers also avoids steel-to-steel crossover contacts.Wire Rope

The most impressive benefits of verope include:

  • Seals in rope lubricants
  • Absorbs dynamic energy
  • Reduction in noise level
  • Reduction in internal wire breaks
  • Improvement of form stability

Veropes are designed to carry high breaking loads at a better strength to weight ratio than other wire ropes. Because of compacted strands and rotary swinging, these ropes have a high fill factor. Ropes have parallel lay elements built into rope construction that increases the overall metallic cross-sectional area.

Veropes are ideal when used with drum and sheave dimensions that need reduction without compromising the recommended D/d ratios. ­

Wire Rope

You have many verope construction options, which means you need to get the right rope for your specific application. Choosing the wrong rope can mean a great deal of trouble for employees and your business. To find out more about verope and wire ropes, you should not hesitate to give the Bilco Group a call. ­­

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