Using Wire Rope Slings Near Oil & Gas

Wire Rope

Wire rope slings are comprised of metal cables that are secured and looped at both ends. These tools are primarily responsible for lifting and maneuvering heavy and awkward objects. You can find these ropes being used in the entertainment industry, industrial applications, and even construction. Another common application of wire rope slings is lifting oil rig equipment. The material and construction of wire ropes make them ideal for heavy objects because they are durable while standing up against the harshest weather conditions, such as cold, moisture, and heat. Wire rope slings come in several different options, including length, which means that you can find the right choice for your application and project. Below, we want to highlight some of the main reasons wire rope slings are ideal for lifting gas and oil operations.

· First and foremost, wire rope slings have the highest strength to diameter ratings compared to similar lifting equipment. Because of this high strength to diameter ratio, wire ropes can hold up even in the most challenging lifting applications.

· These ropes are also resistant to crushing. This is incredibly beneficial when wire ropes are used with wire cable drums and a chain hoist. This type of lifting setup contains many heavy moving parts that require slings that won't crush, flatten, or deform under pressure.

· Wire rope slings are known for their high-density construction, making them a good choice for almost any wire cable rigging system. They are constructed from metal strands (all have the same shape and size to ensure uniformity).

· Lastly, you can trust wire ropes because of their exceptional stability. They naturally resist stretching, and as a result, you can trust these ropes slings to hold up under extreme pressure and severe conditions.