Using Wire Rope Thimbles

When bending wire rope to attach to hanging points, there is an inherent risk that the eye could be crushed. Adding wire rope thimbles as a means to protect the eyes will allow for smooth rope guiding around natural curves. This creates an extra layer of support for the rope.

wire rope

There are several types of wire rope thimbles on the market, and each type has a different function.

The most common thimbles used on Wire Rope Slings are Heavy Duty versions. These thimbles have great price and value. They are usually Hot Dipped Galvanized

Light Duty thimbles are available in both Zinc Plated and Hot Galvanized, however, they are not very popular when used with Wire Rope Slings.

Type 304 models are simply stainless steel versions of thimbles. They can resist corrosion.

Heavy duty 316 thimbles combine stainless steel and heavy duty design. This type is widely used in marine applications.

Heavy duty 304 thimbles work best when used in outdoor conditions. They can withstand the elements and harsh weather.

Wire Rope

When using crane wire rope, you need to use the right rigging supplies. Make an informed decision about products before making purchases.


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