What is a Spin and Rotation Resistant wire rope

One significant problem individuals frequently face when using wire ropes is spinning and rotation. In a worst-case scenario, twisted ropes can make it nearly impossible to lower or lift suspended loads. Spins and rotations can cause projects to suddenly stop with little warning. Luckily, there are ways for users to mitigate these problems.

A rotation resistant wire rope is a steel rope with minimal tendencies to spin or rotate while under a load. The ropes are specially designed to reduce rotation and spinning.

Wire Rope

How are these ropes made?

To create a rotation resistant rope, the outer layer is twisted in the opposite direction of the inner wires. By creating ropes with lays running in different directions, final products will have a higher counteracting torsional force than ropes designed in more traditional methods. These specialized wire ropes are composed of a minimum of two layers of strands. As more layers rope, the resistance rates will increase. A two-layer rope spins more easily than a three-layer wire rope.

The most common applications for spin resistant ropes include:

  • Deck crane ropes
  • Single part lines
  • Offshore crane ropes
  • Whip hoist ropes
  • Elephant hoists

It is essential to recognize that rotation resistant ropes are broken into several categories. These categories allow individuals to make smarter purchases. Ropes are also built with different structures that enable ropes to perform differently under varying circumstances. For more information on rotation resistant ropes, or Verope, you should not hesitate to make us your first call.

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