Who Should Perform Wire Rope Sling Inspections and When?

Who are the people responsible for inspecting lifting slings? Knowing the answer to this question is necessary, but more importantly, it is essential to know how often they are being examined. ASME and OSHA both document when inspections should happen and what should be done on each.Wire Rope

The only people that should be doing wire rope sling inspections are those that are highly trained to do so. They should be the same people who run the ropes. Ensuring that only a small group of qualified individuals use the rope and sling will keep accident rates down and safety numbers high. The employee should know both ASME and OSHA regulations, as well as necessary information about the specific wire rope sling being used.

OSHA 1910.184 and ASME B30.9 are the two main guidelines for inspections and what should be removed from service. Make sure inspectors know these guidelines in-and-out.

There are four main times ropes should be inspected:

The initial inspection that happens before first use: There is a chance some problems occurred during shipping, so it is vital to check materials before using them.

Regular inspections: These should be done every day before use or before use throughout the day. Depending on how you use your machine determines if it should be checked several times throughout the day.

Periodic inspections: These inspections happen once or twice a year, and they are the most detailed of all reviews. This gives operators a full picture of the health of the system and materials.

Wire Rope

If operations are running sluggish or jittery, you should stop service and inspect wire rope slings. We also sell polypropylene ropes. 

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