Important Words and Definitions

There is a lot of words and terms that are essential to know when working in the material handling business. Understanding the terminology being used will help you shop, operate, maintain, and repair systems. Below, we have compiled a small list of the critical terms that all material handlers should know.

WLL (working load limit) – This limit refers to the maximum amount of weight that should never be exceeded. Even if the Wire Rope Slings or Polyester Web Slings are new, the WLL should not be exceeded. This rule also applies to Wire Rope, Rigging Hardware and Synthetic Rope.

Proof Load- This is also referred to as proof test load. The term is used to designate quality control tests that are done on the products. The proof load is the maximum load that can be lifted before deformation happens.

Shock load- this type of weight should be avoided because it runs you the risk of exceeding working load limits. A shock load is the result of quick changes of movement while lifting a static load (impacting, jerking, swinging). In many cases, shock loads are greater than static loads.

Breaking strength- This is also called ultimate strength. Simply put, ultimate strength is the point  at which the product will break.

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