Join Us at Our Next Rigging Workshop

On November 9th, 2018, from 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM, we will be holding a rigging workshop for basic rigging and signal person training. The end goal of this session is to increase the skills and knowledge of rigging operators so that they can work more effectively and safely. wire ropeWe will be entirely going over proper inspection and application techniques.

According to OSHA (1926.1425c), only qualified riggers are allowed within the fall zone. They are also the person(s) responsible for hooking/unhooking, guiding loads, and setting up initial connections. OSHA enforces these rules because most accidents happen because of human error. OSHA has documented many disasters, such as:

  1. A worker was killed after being struck by a falling Anchor chain
  2. A worker had fingers crushed while performing maintenance on a crane
  3. A worker was injured because they were hit by a rolling beam

The above accidents could have been avoided with the proper training. During our course, safety is stressed. At the event, we will cover many safety issues including:

  • Inspections
  • OSHA and ASME regulations and standards
  • Hand signals
  • How to interpret load charts
  • Sling configuration
  • Wire rope installation
  • Choosing rigging supplies (i.e., nylon slings)
  • And more

This is also a great event for meeting new individuals in the field and networking. We usually have rigging and crane crews attend this training, but it also makes sense for construction crew management engineers and sales personnel to participate as well. Join us for a day full of learning and problem-solving.


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