Tips for Purchasing Rigging Supplies

When it comes to synthetic slings, there are two material types that are most commonly used: nylon and polyester. Purchasing slings means several considerations need to be made. Taking the time to understand your needs and the characteristics of different rigging supplies allows for businesses to get the most out of purchases. Considering the different abilities between nylon and polyester webbing should be the first thing you do.Rigging Supplies

After choosing between nylon and polyester, the next thing to think about is the sling type. Basic slings came in six different models. Type I are created with triangle fittings on one end, and the other end has a slotted triangle choker fitting. It is used on choker, vertical, and basket hitches.  Type III sling types are made with flat eyes on both ends,—both on the same plane as the sling body. This type is typically called a flat eye and eye. Type IV sling types are made with twisted eyes on both ends. For more detailed information on the other sling types, please give our team a call.

 There are a variety sling protection choices available depending on the items being lifted.

If you need more information on rigging supplies or web slings, you should give our team a call. We will assist you in making correct choices when buying new products.



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