Safely Using Wire Rope and Ratchet Tie-downs

Buying high-end equipment does not necessarily lead to better performance outputs. Owning and operating tools and machinery are two entirely different things. If you own a remarkable piece of equipment, but you do not use it correctly, then you will not get the most from the device or machines. We sell ratchet tie-downs in several types and styles. Regardless of the type you acquire, you must use it by manufactures guidelines. All our parts and pieces come with detailed instructions.Wire Rope

When using Ratchet Tie-Downs, you should do so in several steps:

  1. Users must engage end hooks, to secure that tie down points rest directly against the bearing point of the hook. It is highly recommended to never load through the tip of the hook. The handle must always be aligned with the direction of pull.
  2. After, users will then insert the free end strap through the slot in the ratchet. Then, pull it through until the strap is tight around a load.
  3. Disengage the lock release handle if the handle is closed and locked It is important to note that a minimum of at least two wraps must be made with webbing around the mandrel.
  4. Then, users will lock the ratchet assembly by pulling the release handle and pressing closed the main handle.
  5. Lastly, to alter tensions, pull the lock release handle. Users can then rotate the main handle about 180 degrees to lock the device in the open position. The mandrel should be free to turn and release webbing.

Wire Rope

For more information on acquiring or using wire ropes or rigging supplies, turn to us first. We are pros in the field of crane wire rope.



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