Updating Rigging Supplies

How do you know when it is time to update your rigging gear? Many reasons warrant new products and parts, but it all boils down to one goal, and that is safety. When people compromise safety for speed, it becomes only a matter of time before something terrible happens.

The best way to decide if you need to be upgraded with new rigging supplies and lifting gear is to inspect gear regularly. Although it takes time, ideally equipment should be inspected both before and after each use. It is easy to forgo these steps to meet deadlines, but when you compare the pros and cons of speed and safety, safety always wins. Slower, proper use ends up being quicker because there is less downtime for repairs. What would be the consequences of your business stopping for several days while machines and facilities are repaired?

Whether you are using wire rope, nylon slings, or other types of rigging supplies, there are warning signs that users should be looking out for.

Wire Rope:

·         Excessive broken/breaking wires

·         Kinks

·         Distortions

·         Severe Corrosion

·         1/3 reductions in the outer wire diameter

·         Damaged hooks, rings, or other end fittings

Synthetic Web Sling:

The flexibility and softness of polyester and nylon make them an excellent choice for expensive or fragile lifting. Even though they are tough, they eventually become worn out and dangerous to use. Look for:

·         Cuts

·         Tears

·         Snags

·         Burns (caustic or acid)

·         Broken and worn stitching

·         Elongation exceeding recommendations of the manufacturer

·         Distortion of fittings 

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