Using Lifting Slings

Lifting slings are used in conjunction with lifting devices (hoist, crane, pulley) to safely and efficiently lift and move objects. Slings are commonly made of several materials, which include metal, rope, and webbing. These materials are combined with metal devices, such as shackles, links, hooks or rings. Slings are constructed in different ways to perform specific applications. The most common types of slings include:nylon slings

  • Nylon Slings

    : a nylon variant is dense, durable, but also flexible. They can stretch up to 8% of their original length. Nylon can absorb water, which means it is not ideal in all settings.
  • Polyester Slings: these slings are more commonly referred to as web slings or rigging slings. Polyester is like nylon, but it can only stretch to 3%. It is safe to use when acids and bleaching agents are present.
  • Wire Rope Sling

    : these heavy-duty slings are designed to help move awkward and heavy items.
  • Chain Sling: these slings are suited for the most demanding of operations. Most chain slings are constructed from grade 80 or higher strength alloy stainless steel. Keep chain slings stored in clean and dry areas.

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