What are the Benefits of Using Synthetic Slings?

Wire Rope

Successful overhead lifting requires detailed knowledge of the field and tools. Using the right tools for material handling jobs is a requirement for safe lifting. When shopping for overhead lifting slings, it quickly becomes apparent that there are various material options. Each material offers unique benefits, and so they should not be used interchangeably. Of all your options, synthetic slings offer many versatile benefits to important industries (construction, shipping, and mining).

What are some of the benefits of using synthetic slings?

Although these slings are not perfect for every scenario, they are still considered one of the most used materials for rigging supplies. Synthetic slings are:

Flexible- synthetic rigging gear is comprised of flexible fibers that create a contoured grip around a load. As a result of this ability, the material is ideal when handling fragile objects without causing damage.

Lightweight - When compared to other sling materials, synthetic slings are often seen as the lightest material.

Lifting professionals also choose synthetic rigging supplies because they are:

- Affordable

- Durable

- Strong

- Quick to Deploy

- Chemical Resistant

- Easy to Visually Inspect