Which is the right Binder to Secure Loads?

Load binders are tools that are used to tighten chains while securing a load for over the road transportation or for cargo ship transportation. There are two different styles of chain binders that are used in the industry: Lever Binders and Ratchet Binders. Both are excellent tools for securing loads.

A lever binder is a very simple tool that uses a Lever and Chain Grab Hooks to grab and tighten a chain. A lever binder uses a hinge and can reduce slack by pulling on one end of the tension hook and can lock after a 180-degree rotation. There are many advantages for using a lever binder. This variation allows for easy instillation, less moving parts, and a quick and secure release.

Ratchet binders use a back and forth ratchet motion in order to securely tighten a load. They tighten slowly, but they are easy to operate.  This helps to greatly reduce strain on the body.  A lever-type is more difficult to use.  It is common to find these types of binders in operations that are moving heavy equipment over the road.  Using a ratchet binder also makes for safer release.

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