Benefits of an Elephant YA Lever Hoist

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Using the right equipment for specfics jobs is essential to optimize safety and effectiveness. This fact is even more critical for dangerous industries like material handling. Hoists and wire ropes are safe equipment when used correctly, and part of using a hoist correctly means using the correct hoist for specific applications.

Elephant lifting products have been making products for over 80 years now and are leaders in the industry. Their YA lever hoist boasts a superior design with long-lasting reliability. It has advanced safety features that make this YA lever hoist a great option for a wide range of operations within

Who Choose YA Lever Hoist?

  • The hoist has a rounded lever designed for smooth operation even when placed against flat surfaces.
  • It has an internal pinion, pawls (springs), and side plates, making the hoist great for resisting corrosion. The internal side plates contain hardened steel bushing that is great for pinion and load sheave support.
  • The hoist is built with a grade 105 galvanized load chain. Thie chain adheres to strict standards (German DIN 5684 Standard).
  • For optimal safety, you must use hoists that operate within a specific temperature range. An Elephant hoist, like the YA Lever Hoist, safely functions within a -4°F ~ 140 °F temperature range.

Another benefit of Elephant Hoists is the ease of maintenance. The YA series lever hoist has hardened steel bushings and special electro-deposited coatings on both sides of the plates. Most competitors use a powdered coat finish, which is not nearly as durable as the YA Elephant Hoist.

The most important takeaway from all this is that you must use hoists and wire ropes that meet specific and strict standards of individual jobs. Using the wrong equipment is the quickest and easiest way to compromise safety in the workplace.

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