Important Wire Rope Inspection for Replacing Wire Ropes

Inspection of your crane wire rope is essential in ensuring workers' safety and equipment longevity. When inspecting the wire rope, there are several areas to focus on. Regular inspections ensure that your equipment is not damaged. We provide the best services for wire rope in NY. Reach out to us for all your inspection and replacement needs.

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Let's go over the most important aspects during wire rope inspection:

  • Rope Stretch – Wire ropes are designed to stretch when loads are applied. However, with extensive wear and tear, incorrect amounts of rope stretch will occur.
  • Kinks – Kinks occur from improper handling when a rope is being serviced or installed. Damage from kinks is irreparable.
  • Heat Damage – Heat damage occurs after the presence of elevated temperatures or fire. You're most likely dealing with heat damage if you notice a loss of internal lubrication or metal discoloration.
  • Scrubbing – Scrubbing is the displacement of strands and wires when it rubs against itself or another object.
  • Broken Wires – The number of broken wires found on the outside of a wire rope determines its general condition and whether or not it needs replacing.
  • Protruding Core – If the rope core protrudes from an opening, it is unfit for use and needs replacing.
  • Doglegs – Doglegs refer to permanent bends from improper handling or use. A severe dogleg will need to be removed and serviced.

Following proper inspection protocols will help you determine when it's time to replace your wire rope. Perform regular inspections to ensure you are not working with broken wires.

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