Maintaining Steel Wire Rope

Proper maintenance of steel wire ropes is vital for optimal and safe functioning. Steel wire ropes must be serviced on a regular basis. The time frame and kind of maintenance necessary all depend on the lifting device, as well as the selected cable and how it is used. If thorough and regular maintenance is done, steel ropes will most likely increase the overall service life of the wire.

Wire Rope

One of the most important parts of steel wire rope maintenance is regular and proper lubrication. When ropes are first constructed, they are treated with lots of lubricants. The initial lubrication will wear off after a limited amount of time, and so then ropes must have lubrication reapplied. For more information how to lubricated wire ropes, please give us a call for a detailed walkthrough.

Not only must a cable be properly lubricated, but it is also important that users keep cables clean. According to the German Standard DIN 15 020, very dirty portions of wire should be externally cleaned. Cleaning is essential for cables that are operating in abrasive conditions or in a position that have chemicals. Cleaning tools will help the process. The Canadian Rigging Manual recommends that users apply a cleaning machine that has three rotating wire brushes and an air drying system.

Wire Rope

For more information about caring for steel wire ropes, please reach out to our talented team of engineers.

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