Storing Wire Ropes

When you purchase wire ropes, make sure that they are stored properly.

When you first receive your product, examine the rope and make sure it is in accordance with the certificates and other relevant documents. Additionally, you want to make sure that the wire rope is compatible with your machinery. Examine the rope diameter and any rope terminations.Wire Rope

The location you choose to store your wire rope is important. A well-ventilated, clean, covered and dry area will work best. If you are unable to store your wire rope indoors, cover the item with waterproof material. If storing for an extended period, rotate the reel periodically. Wire rope should never be stored in areas subject to elevated temperatures. Extremely high temperatures can damage the item so severely that it is unfit for safe use.

Wire Rope

Even when stored in a safe area with proper temperatures, inspect the wire rope periodically. Proper maintenance is essential to ensure safety. Any dressing lubricants must be compatible with the manufacturing lubricant. If you are unsure of what dressing to use on your wire rope, contact the original manufacturer for assistance.

For more detailed information on caring for wire ropes or vrope, please give us a call.


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