Three Important Aspects of Purchasing Wire Rope

Wire rope comes in different styles so that it can fit the needs of different industries. Some examples are the automotive industry, industrial manufacturing, and construction industry. While wire rope is versatile, different construction styles mean different functions and purposes.  Choosing the right rope, and using it the right way, is the only way to ensure safety and a long life for the wire rope. Three aspects of wire rope must be considered when shopping.

Wire Rope Sling

You want to purchase the right wire rope to meet your need, but you might not need the strongest ropes on the market. If you are purchasing wire rope for a crane, refer to the crane manual for a complete description of the size and construction that is best for that particular crane. If you are purchasing wire rope slings, it is important to have the exact weight of the item you are lifting. All wire ropes come with a maximum breaking strength and a Work Load Limit.

Wire Rope SlingDifferent wire rope constructions allow final products to be stiff or more bendable, as well as somewhere in between. Wire rope is usually subjected to bending and this must be done without distorting the cable. Knowing how the cable will be used will allow you to purchase the right rope. For cables that will bend frequently, you will want ropes with more external wires.

Some companies use wire rope indoors, in controlled environments. These cables are not subjected to the abuse of harsh weather like rain and snow. For those using ropes outside, you must consider the finish and lubrication on the wire rope.

Of course, making an informed choice about purchasing wire rope (verope) is important, but so is the installation and protection of cables. Make smart decisions for your company and your employees.