Top Nine Reasons Wire Ropes Break

Wire ropes are commonly used because of the strength and flexibility they offer. The ropes are a vital part of a wide array of different industries and sectors. Because of its ability to lift heavy and misshapen loads safely and reliably, wire ropes are the number one choice for lifting and material handling.

Wire ropes are used in:

Wire Rope The Car Industry

On a small scale, wire ropes are used to open and close windows and sunroofs. On a larger scale, the ropes are used to lift and move heavy and large parts in the manufacturing process. Wire ropes make it easy to manufacture cars and trucks, which results in lower manufacturing costs.

The Aerospace Industry

When traveling thousands of miles per hour through space, engineers and astronauts trust wire rope. Besides being strong and reliable, it is resistant to heat and corrosion. Wire rope is found in airplanes and rocket ships to control pedals and levers that help guide crafts. Wire rope is used in many ways, which means that it is prone to different breaks. It is important to be vigilant and inspect wire ropes before using them. When using ropes that are broken or breaking, it can create a dangerous situation that can harm your employees and business.

Common Breaks to be Mindful of Include:

  • Inadequate lubrication
  • Improper installation
  • Over-exposure to moisture and heat
  • Repeated bending and fatigue
  • Overly stiff ropes
  • Cut or torn wires
  • Overloading
  • Crushing
  • Kinking

Wire Rope

At the first sign of trouble, you should retire wire ropes. Using ropes that might be broken is a risk you and your business should not take. For more information on wire ropes and nylon slings, you should not hesitate to give our team a call.


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