Cable Grips

For any operation that uses synthetic ropes, adequate chafing protection is extremely important.  There are a large variety of synthetic fibers that serve as chafe gear and chafe protection. Chafe gear helps to prevent substantial wear and tear on synthetic rope, which increases the longevity of the strands. Without chafe gear, wire ropes would have a much shorter lifespan and would degrade much faster over the course of time. Chafe Gear is designed to limit abrasion and reduce operating temperatures.

Cable Grips are devices that are used to propel vehicles by wire rope.  The vehicle can be suspended, guided by rails, or even self-guiding.  One of the most common examples of cable grips in an application is the chair lift. Chair lifts are primarily used for ski resort and scenic mountain tours, and enable tourists to see the tops of breathtaking mountain vistas, without having to hike up a taxing slope. Chairlifts are attached to wire rope with cable grips, and are powered by electricity or a diesel engine. The lift has multiple chairs, each attached by a cable grip that are affixed to a single wire rope. Chair lifts, and other methods of wire rope transportation use cable grips to safely transport humans and goods to a desired location.