Three Important Factors That Influence Performance of Wire Ropes

Wire Rope NYThe performance of your wire rope is essential for many reasons. A damaged wire rope can compromise the safety of workers and cause a delay in production. When a wire rope experiences wear and tear, it will not perform up to its standards. It’s essential to inspect your equipment regularly for signs of damage. If you notice anything, address it immediately to avoid further issues. Reach out to us for all your wire rope NY needs.

While several factors play a part in influencing the performance of wire ropes, let’s go over the top three.

  1. Abrasive Wear – Abrasive wear can be found on the outside and inside of your rope. Inside abrasion occurs when strands inside the rope rub against one another during operation, creating internal two-body abrasive wear. Contaminants from sheaves and drums and an accumulation of dirt outside the cable lead to outside abrasion. The contaminants and dirt create three-body abrasive wear. When this happens, erosion of the outer wire and strands will occur.
  2. Corrosion – Due to pitting, stress risers from pitting, and metal loss, corrosion will shorten the life of your rope. Proper lubrication is the best way to decrease the chances of corrosion.
  3. Improper Loading – Everyone operating the equipment must read and understand the user manual. Shock loading, high-stress loading, and jerking heavy loads can all lead to stress on wire ropes. Be sure never to load more than your wire rope and additional equipment can handle.

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