Pre-installation Check List for Wire Ropes

When a wire rope breaks, it is easy to blame the process without even thinking that the problem could have begun during installation. A good deal of challenges can occur as a result of improper and haphazard installations. During this process, the rope is at a high risk of damage.

wire ropeBefore installing wires, you must do two things. First, you must make sure that the cable is properly stored. The rope should not be kept in a warm and confined space. These areas suffer from condensation, and this can corrode the wires. Make sure to cover cables with waterproof cloths. You will also want to store the wire rope on a reel which keeps the cables from coming in direct contact with the floor

The second thing that you must do, before installation, is to check the wire rope diameter. With a parallel-jawed caliper, measure the rope to ensure that it meets manufacture equipment standards. Improper sizing can cause significant damage to the rope while on the drum and will cause damage to the sheaves.

Wire Rope

Be smart and take your time purchasing and installing wire rope.


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