Construct wire rope

There are several different ways to construct wire rope. Each different construction offers its own pros and cons. Knowing the difference between the construction types allows for users and purchasers to get the most from their wire.

Strands are a common type of wire rope constructions. It is sometimes called cross lay strands. In this construction the different layers are place in a crisscross pattern. This type of rope is one of the strongest available.

Spiral ropes are less common, but are still very useful. The construction is made of round strands that are laid helically over the center. One wire will be laid in the opposite direction, but this is on the outer layer. The biggest boon this construction offers is its ability to lock out dirt and water. It also holds lubricants at higher raters.

Strand ropes lay helically in multiple layers around a single core. These constructions normally only have a single layer over the core, which makes it less durable.

Wire ropes are constructed with steel wires. This is arguably the strongest of all the construction types. It has high tensile forces, and it is able to run over sheaves with small diameters.

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