Crane Wire Rope

Wire ropes have a limited lifespan regardless of how they are treated. Because the materials can be damaged, it is essential to inspect wire before using them continually. During the life of wire, the physical properties will change. If one part of the rope breaks, it can reverberate throughout the whole material. A break in one region can lead to a complete failure. In some instances, a crane wire rope can be repaired, but in other cases, it must be removed. A wire rope should be removed if the following occur:Wire Rope

  1. A reduction in diameter
  2. Deformation of the line (loose wires, loop formations, nodes)
  3. Misplacement of outer wires
  4. Parts of the rope are corroded
  5. Kinks or Birdcaging
  6. Flattened areas
  7. Heat damage
  8. Broken wire

Wire Rope

The above issues are the most common problems that are encountered when working with crane wire ropes. Being mindful of these issues will help to save time and money, without having to sacrifice the safety of your employees. We can help train your staff to do complete proof testing and inspections. We can also help with wire rope  and verope  repair.

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