Choosing Wire Rope

wire ropeWire rope is frequently used because of the many advantages it provides its users. Wire ropes are designed to meet specific functions while maintaining a lifespan that far exceeds fiber wound rope. The main benefit associated with wire braided rope is a high tensile strength. Tensile strengthen can be defined as the amount of force necessary to break the rope. When compared to fiber or synthetic counterparts, wire rope will always have higher tensile strength. Because of the ability of wire, they are commonly used in factory and commercial settings. Whenever an application needs robust and reliable rope, wire ropes should be your first choice.

Not only are stainless steel wire ropes strong, but they are also adaptable to many conditions and environments that would over-stress a traditional wire rope. Wire ropes can also be safer because it is easy to spot deformities and breaks on the wire than on synthetic rope. Seeing issues allows for operators to create a safer environment.

When using stainless steel wire ropes, it is essential to use accessories that are designed for this type of rope. For instance, stainless steel wire rope requires wire rope fittings intended to preserve the integrity of the wire rope.

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