OSHA Tips for Sling Safety

Nothing should be more critical to a business than safety. This is especially the case for companies in the material handling businesses. Using hoists, cranes, and rigging supplies can be dangerous if not used and maintained correctly.wire rope sling

The United States Department of Labor, with OSHA, put out a report on sling safety that is intended to be an informational booklet that gives a generic overview of safety standards for using a sling. It is designed to assist operators in understanding and complying with OSHA regulations.

The document breaks down sling types into six general categories:

  • Chain
  • Wire rope
  • Natural fiber
  • Metal mesh
  • Synthetic web
  • fiber rope

To achieve safe lifting practices, users must select sling types based on the characteristics of the environment and materials being loaded. Besides picking the right gear, it must also be used, stored, and maintained correctly to safely used.

The article will help you determine:

Weight, size, center of gravity load

Rated capacity of sling

The total amount of angles and legs with the horizontal

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