Ways to Keep Employees and Factories Safe

Riggers must always be able to rig load that they are confident will be stable when lifted. The only way to do this is with adequate knowledge of safe sling configurations. They must also know how to use shackles, wire rope clips, and eyebolts.

One of the first things riggers must do is to determine the working load limit of rigging equipment being used. Make sure to calculate the weight of the load because it is a fundamental requirement of safe rigging practices. 

Wire Rope

Never use equipment that is suspected as unsuitable or unsafe. In cases of doubt, operators must first verify functionality from a professional. Once problems are noticed, all services should stop until repairs are made or new purchases are acquired.

Working load limits of hoisting gear are based on almost ideal conditions that are seldom achieved in the field. Users must recognize that factors, like improper sling angles, wear, the center of gravity, and point loading. These factors affect the rating of the working load limit for both hardware and equipment.

Different types of rigging supplies and wire ropes have different abilities and characteristics, and so users must know the ins-and-outs of their exact equipment.

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