Wire Rope Can Be Found All Over

Wire ropes are all around us, even when we cannot see them. Ropes are commonly seen when driving down a road that has wooden electrical poles. Many poles are kept in place with the help of Guy Wires, which are usually a 1x7 stainless steel strand. A good deal of new bridges are being built with the help of stainless steel wire rope.Wire Rope

Wire ropes are employed in many processes that help drive everyday life. Dams that protect cities and generate energy need wire ropes to open and close water gates. Beyond this application, ropes are used for transportation, utilities, communication, and flood control systems.

Other common industries that use ropes include:

  • Material handling (cranes and hoists)
  • Mining
  • Excavation
  • Marine constructions
  • Tramways
  • Drilling

While the above industries use Bright or Galvanized wire ropes, there are plenty of other applications where Stainless Steel wire rope is needed. Sometimes these ropes help to create safer environment for commercial and factory settings. Another popular reason individuals choose stainless steel is because of its ability to resist corrosion and it is weather resistant. These ropes can be used outdoor without running the risk of damage from the elements.

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