Industries That Utilize Aircraft Cables

Aircraft CablesAircraft cable is flexible, thin, and strong making it one of the most useful wire ropes available. Aircraft cable is constructed of steel wires stranded together. Always 7 strands with either 7 or 19 wires per strand. Aircraft cable is typically no thicker than 3/8” inch in diameter.

While the qualities of aircraft cables make them beneficial for airplanes, many industries utilize aircraft cables. You can purchase aircraft cables in various thicknesses, and they are used in many commercial, personal, military, and industrial industries. The following industries utilize aircraft cables:

  • Airplanes - Airplanes utilize aircraft cable to control the steering of the plane.
  • Ziplines – The amusement and recreation industry utilizes aircraft cable when building ziplines. The durability of the cables ensures they can safely handle the weight of people being zipped through the air.
  • Exercise Equipment – While aircraft cable is used in all types of exercise equipment, it’s most commonly used with weight machines.
  • Garage Doors – Due to its strength, aircraft cable is useful in garage door lowering and raising mechanisms.
  • Boating and Maritime Operations – Stainless steel aircraft cable is useful in the boating industry because it can hold up to elements like salt water. It’s resistant to corrosion. Aircraft cable is used for fishing boats, sailboat rigging, and other operations.
  • Theatre Industry – Most theatres utilize wire rope rigging for lifting curtains, moving backdrops, and raising and lowering lighting. Aircraft cables can also be used to raise objects and characters into the air.

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